Importing/Exporting mails from Thunderbird to Windows Live Messenger

March 17, 2009 at 2:46 pm (Softwares, Technical, Tools) (, , , )

I used mozilla thunderbird for nearly a year now as my Email client. But after the release of Windows Live Messenger, I used both concurrently and finally settled for Windows Live Messenger. I had stored nearly thousands of mails using Thunderbird and was bit worried on importing the mails from Thunderbird to Windows Live Messenger. Finally, I googled and found few solutions.

First I tried the following solution prescribed here. I downloaded Thunderbird add-on from and installed the add-on in Thinderbird. Then upon first try I found that I had to export all the folders one by one manually to eml format. I was bit tensed as I thought that the other solutions too could be quite similar.

Then I tried another solution mentioned here. It also mentioned about a add-on in Thunderbird namely SmartSave which can be used to export mails retaining the folder structure. It worked quite well for me. Please follow the instructions which is mentioned in the above link.


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Retrieving Files from Master Boot Record malformed HDD

December 6, 2007 at 1:01 pm (Tools)

My system in office got affected by virus and it restarted. After restaring it displayed “Missing Operating System”. I did not understood it first and later remembered that one of my friend too had went through the same problem. I remembered him saying that a virus has attacked his system and has affected the master boot record, making the harddisk unusable. Master boot record stores the critical information about the partition in the hard disk.

I had some important project files stored in the system and i did not had any backup. I was tensed as i spent 30 days to design those 80 pages in the project. Finally i connected the HDD as secondary to another computer and started to explore that damaged HDD. It prompted to format the drive. I got tensed further as i was not sure that we can retrieve the files after formatting. Finally i googled a lot and found many tools to retrieve the files. But none was successful.

The next day i found a tool “Power Data Recovery” which is available here. I downloaded the trail version and scanned the damaged HDD using the tool.

This tool took about one and half hour to scan the disk and then displayed the files in it. I then tried to retrieve all the project files at a time. It prompted that “This is a Demo version so it can retrieve files that has size less than 630 KB”. Then i retrieved each file one by one and finally a smile appeared on my face.

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