DateDiff function in SQL Server

March 17, 2009 at 3:13 pm (SQL, Technical, Tips and Tricks) (, )

I frequently used to calculate date difference between two dates. I use to open the calendar and calculate the difference. But now I have found a easier way to calculate the date difference using the SQL DateDiff function

DateDiff returns the number of date and time boundaries crossed between two dates.


DateDiff(datepart, startdate, enddate)

where datepart is the parameter that specifies which part of the date to calculate difference.

datepart can be any one in the following

Datepart Abbreviations
Year yy, yyyy
quarter qq, q
Month mm, m
dayofyear dy, y
Day dd, d
Week wk, ww
Hour hh
minute mi, n
second ss, s
millisecond ms


select datediff(“d”,’03/10/2009′,’03/17/2009′)

will return you 7.

For more details, you can view here



  1. ss said,

    I tested but not sql 2008

  2. Shijo Joseph said,

    hi ss,

    Check with following

    select DATEDIFF(DAY,’01-01-2007′,’01-01-2008′)

    This will work

  3. SQL Server Helper said,

  4. na said,


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