Manually register a dll in Windows

February 28, 2008 at 9:33 am (Technical, Tips and Tricks)

There will be a need to manually register a dll on few occasions. For example if you are generating a dll from a COM  application, you need to register it before using it. To register the DLL in Windows, you need to run a command. Click start -> Run. Enter regsvr32 “pathdllname.dll”.

Where path = the path where the dll is located and dllname is the dllname.

For Example if a dll say example.dll is located in c:projects directory then run regsvr32 “c:projectsexample.dll”. This will register the dll. By register i mean a entry will be made in the operating system registry .


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WITH (NOLOCK) IN SQL Server to improve performance

February 27, 2008 at 8:57 am (SQL, Technical, Tips and Tricks)

I used to see my senior developers use WITH (NOLOCK) when querying in SQL Server and wonder why they use. Now i explored it and found that its useful to improve the performance in executing the query. However there is a disadvantage in using it. The disadvantage is that one may not be sure that they are getting the data which is currently being updated in the Table ie Without lock protection, you cannot be guaranteed that the data isn’t changing during the time that the query is running. I reffered this link and found it prettu useful.

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MCTS Exam 70-536 completion

February 20, 2008 at 6:28 am (.NET, Certification, MCTS, Technical)

Hurray!!! After a great preparation i finally completed the 70-536 exam. I got 2 weeks delay because of two reasons. One is that i had to recall all the concepts i learnt. And the other one i had a problem with booking. I booked to take exam on 17th of feburary(Sunday) through online and went to attend the exam. There i learnt that prometric is closed on sundays. Then why prometric make the slots available on sundays when booking through online … found a bug 🙂 Finally i attened on 19th of feburary and cleared the Exam. Now i have to start planning for the second exam(Exam 70-528) after a weeks rest 🙂

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