Creating own run command in Windows

December 7, 2007 at 11:51 am (Technical, Tips and Tricks)

Many tech guys would be thinking of creating their own run command. Yes !!! we can create our own run command.

Step 1: Create the shortcut for the folder or tool for which you need to create the shortcut.

Step 2: Open the run command and goto \Windows

Step 3: Paste the shortcut to that folder and change the name of the shortcut to run command as we want.

Now we can open the folder or tool from run command using the name we have given for the shortcut.



  1. Bala said,

    It is of great help

  2. Anonymous said,

    It works dude…

    thnx for the info..

    there is a small spelling mistake in line 1

    “creating there own” -> “creating their own”

    • Pete said,

      Hi Anonymous,

      There is actually a spelling mistake in your posting.

      “thnx” is not an English word. It is actually, “thanks.”

      Hope that helps anyone who misunderstood.

  3. subbu said,


  4. Guru said,

    It works great dude…. keep going πŸ™‚

  5. sam said,

    infact, jus to add to can just keep the shortcut at any path in your PATH environment variable !

  6. Himani said,


  7. Suresh Panta said,


  8. Karthick said,

    Good tips.. i was trying to create these type of shortcuts but i couldn’t find it..


  9. sunil said,

    Excellent !!!

    Great tip !! Thanks a lot !

  10. Akshay Chauhan said,

    Gr8 ..! Excellent

  11. rose said,

    So simple and goood!!!

  12. Vishnu Quara Rahul said,

    thanks a lot

  13. α€™α€­α€―α€Έα€€α€­α€― said,

    Thank you so much that’s really really work for me!

  14. said,

    great man…………….its work…………thanks ………….

  15. jitendra said,

    help me how to create the shortcut

  16. ukseoserviceslondon said,

    thanks a lot for this great tip of the day it really help a lot

  17. neeraj said,

    thanks ..a lot

  18. Nitin said,


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