Show Hidden Files Issue / Problem (due to Virus)

November 27, 2007 at 4:32 am (virus)

For many days i was facing an issue that hidden files were not showing up in my PC even if i enabled the show Hidden Files checkbox in the Folder Options dialog box. I edited various values in the registry, but i was not able to solve the problem. Then i browsed through this link and found a solution for showing hidden files.

The steps are :-

  • Open registry( select run command from start menu and type regedit and then press enter)
  • In the left pane goto path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware\Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer \Advanced \Folder \Hidden \SHOWALL
  • Delete the value CheckedValue in the Right pane by right clicking it and selecting delete. (Its type should be REG_SZ and data should be 2.)
  • Create a new DWORD value called CheckedValue by right clicking in the Right pane and then selecting new -> DWORD Value and then changing the name to CheckedValue. (same as above, except that the type is REG_DWORD). Modify the value data to 1 (0x00000001) by right clicking the CheckedValue in the Right pane and selecting modify and changing the value data to 1.

This should let you change the “Hidden Files and Folders” option.

Why this happens? The fact that the hidden files were not showing up was due to virus which would have changed the value in the registry and the virus may be still present. Even when the virus was removed the old value may not have been restored in the registry.



  1. ronak said,

    Wow….coool trickk…xactly wat i m lookin for..thanks

  2. RANI said,


  3. Mani said,

    thanx it really works πŸ™‚

  4. oscar90 said,

    This does not work for me. My hidden files are still ‘hidden’ and i really need to access them. I was trying to use truecrypt and freehidefolder but didn’t manage to successfully use both of them. Now my hidden folders are gone. 😦 Please help me.

  5. Mahesh said,

    thanx a lot, this is the exact problem i am looking for and now i got the solution

  6. Mayur said,

    Thanks a lot, this is what i was looking for, great job, thank you, i had this problem on laptop, i thought i should format it but u helped.

  7. w3s said,

    same as oscar90….

  8. Nirmal Kumar said,

    Hi oscar90 … run good anti virus to remove the virus or spyware first and then apply the changes as specified. It may work.

  9. macky said,

    thank a lot dudes.

  10. Jagadeesh and Sampath said,

    thank u very much, i solved my problem, keep it up.

  11. talha said,

    It works, doing a great job
    keep it up!!!

  12. happ yguy said,

    Thanks man,
    this is what I was looking for ….

  13. lijo joseph said,

    its not worked for me ..pls help

  14. Bala said,

    Thanks it was very very useful.
    In firefox the display is not proper for your post, the full path you have given that needs to be modified is getting truncated.

    This is the full Path

    This may be the reason, why it is not working for some people

  15. Nirmal Kumar said,

    Thanks bala , As i did not included a space in path it took the whole path as a word and did not break. I have made changes now

  16. bhupendra said,

    thanks a lot dude u solved a problem which was really a havok..

    thaks again

  17. said,

    Tnx alot ya…Due to many reason our Anti virus nt working properly ..coz v r nt updating properly..and one thing is tat v must disable the autoplay option in Pendrive

  18. gurvinder said,

    Thank u for this valueable info……………………….
    I solved my problem by this trick………

  19. naveen said,

    Thanks it worked

  20. vivek said,

    hey! u rok man.. this worked..

  21. Nagendra said,

    Sorry it does not worked for me.
    Actually as i made new value#1, Registryeditor does not allow to rename it as CheckedValue & as i refresh the right side window the deleted CheckedValue returns again and again. Please tell me any other way to show hidden files and folders. In my PC Drives also are not opening in same windows. It is due to any virus. Please reply me.

  22. Ravikant Shinde said,

    Dear sir / madam

    Its a great solution useful for me.

    Thanks a lot.


  23. Andres said,

    Gracias, funciono ferpecto. Mi caso fue por un mardito virus.

  24. sanmeet said,


  25. costin said,

    same problem as nagendra
    the virus immediately rewrites the registry after I delete it, and I cannot rename the one created by me.

  26. karthik said,

    thanks a ton ur tutorial is awesome

  27. n@p said,

    thanks man! i was searching the registry like mad for the past few weeks!!! too bad i was looking in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section … why does microsoft have to put conflicting values in whole different sections of the registry??? newy,thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  28. sagar said,

    hey it really wrkd..awsm yaar..js simply awsm..

  29. obu said,

    This is not working in my case.I am unable to find the virus process that is running in my pc.After changing checked value to 1 again it is modifeid to 0 so iam unable to show the hidden files.How to find the process and stop virus so that it will work .else the value is changed to 0 from 1plz help

  30. sumit agrawal said,

    here u can find many computer problems dude thanks for your support and you can put your problem also link computer problem , blogging tips , computer tips, vidoea, softwares,

  31. Saber said,

    It works πŸ™‚ thanks

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    Thankyou very very much….

  36. Lilys said,

    Thx. now i can see my hidden file. ^_^

  37. Kirtish said,

    Thanx Dude …. ur Suggestion regarding Hidden files… helped us in solving problem .!! Kepp up the gud wrk..!!

  38. Gagan said,

    Thanks Bro.. it worked for me….

  39. marlon said,

    hi, got the same problem with Nagendra here. 😦

  40. mary said,

    My checked value doesnt work!!
    The default value is 1 and the checked value has to be 1 too!but after change and closing it will be 0 again!!!

  41. Savio said,

    Thanks a lot man… it wrks………..

  42. Majid Azim said,

    you have earned a place in heaven by doing this =)
    seriously… thanks a bunch XD

  43. shank said,

    ohh !! it didn’t work!!after performing above operations, in hidden files and folder second checkbox(show hidden files and folder) has been disappeared.
    plz solve this problem.

  44. pratap said,

    this doesn’t work in my pc. the value i changes to 1 automatically changes to 0.what would i do…?

  45. Mandeep said,

    hi i m Mandeep, i want to tell you something about this prob,
    change CheckedValue is the right way to solve this problem, but if virus still have in your system then may be it’s not work because when you change CheckedValue or recreate then virus will auto create wrong value or when you delete then also automatically create CheckedValue so if you have this prob then 1st you need to use anti virus who remove this virus then you can change CheckedValue it will be work

  46. nyxx777 said,

    Thanks dude, it really helps… two thumbs up…

  47. CheapShot said,

    Thanks. it works like magic.

  48. mohamed ibrahim said,

    realy thank you
    its very good thing
    because i cant seee very important hidden file

  49. shammika said,

    Thankx friend, it workzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I was thinking of a format.

    Thankx pal.

  50. Abhishek said,

    thnx yaar.
    U r the best.
    Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  51. thilina said,

    hureeeeeeeeeey its working

  52. Balaiah said,

    Cool Trick Thanks Machhi

  53. ira said,

    i have the same problem……… but in the path u specified after software\Microsoft instead of ‘windows ‘mine says ‘windows 3.1 migration status’ in the directory…….. and it does not have the rest of the path in it. wht do i do?

  54. sam said,

    Thanks a TON…. it works…….

  55. Nishanth said,

    Thanx Dude…..

    This solution is working fine…after removing virus through antivirus software

  56. Um3r said,

    Thanxx alot…. Weldone!!!

  57. Will said,

    Whoever you are, good afternoon! ;D
    Love! xD ;D ;*

  58. gigi said,

    thanks man

  59. Manik said,

  60. Jack said,

    Doesn’t work, bc the virus make the same move, it delete the registry called CheckedValue, and create the same with status 0, it is restoring every second

  61. Jack said,

    What kind of virus is? how can i delete it?

  62. said,

    I wonder about this. So easy method to solve problem i had been suffering from. Thanks to you guys for helping people.

  63. Alberto said,


    I got the same problem.. Did u solve it??

    I’m getting crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. h3ctor said,

    Definetely Works [Nagendra,costin,Alberto,ira ,mary,obu nd e.t.c]
    Here for you guys

    1) i just used winRAR and extracted the desktop in this s/w and all my hidden files of desktop was visible to me… works definately

    2) Just follow the following steps:-
    i) go to the start button and select Run
    ii) type cmd in the pop up box and come to the dos prompt
    iii) To see the hidden files and folders type command:- dir/ah and press enter
    iv) To unhide the file type:- attrib filename.extension -h -s and press enter
    attrib * -h -s and press enter
    vi) attrib foldername -h -s

    Believe me these two methods will help u a lot without formatting ur pc

    Regard h3ctor

  65. shkr said,

    thank you man it really helps.first i have a virus and it doesnt work but now its fine.thanks again πŸ™‚

  66. Fahad Ahsan said,

    dude ur method rocks … !! thnx a lot … was just goen 2 reinstall the windows.. but now there is no need 2 do tat … thnx a lot once again .. u rock man πŸ™‚

  67. Fahad Ahsan said,

    but as u hav stated that its type should be REG_SZ … n value should be 2 ….
    my type was REG_DWORD and value was 0 .. i just edited the value to 1 … n the files showed up .. it is because … in binary .. 0 stands for off .. n 1 stands for on … so i edited it to 1 …. which is on … n the files showed up … really appreciate ur help πŸ™‚ .. best regards ! !

  68. Benu said,

    Hi, It is not working for me. Whenever I am trying to delete the dword value, it is automatically creating one with the same name. So I am not able to create the dword value named CheckedValue.

  69. h3ctor said,

    Thx Fahad Ahsan & shkr

    benu jzt try the above method

  70. larvaess said,

    what the hell, i deleted the checkedvalue dword but when i create a new one it says it already exist! i closed and opened regedit again and the dword is magically there again! what the…. can you help me with this? i think my computer’s having a mind of its own. we’re all doomed!

  71. hidden files not shown said,

    […] Even when the virus was removed the old value may not have been restored in the registry. Show Hidden Files Issue / Problem (due to Virus) « Tech __________________ IndiaBroadband RocksPlz add Reputations if you like my threads/posts Proud […]

  72. R-a-M-u-J said,

    This procedure didn’t work in my case and I tried searching for my own satisfaction… hehehe…

    I’ve trid this procedure and worked like a miracle..

    For drive C “hidden file”:

    1.) Go to RUN in the start panel
    2.) Type CMD for command window
    3.) Type attrib * -h -s /S /D
    4.) Then press ENTER

    For drive D “hidden files”:

    1.) in the “command window” type D: then press ENTER
    2.) type attrib * -h -s /S /D then press ENTER

    For external devices like USB, Memory card and the likes:

    1.) in the Command window.. Type F: (or wherever drive you inserted your external memory) then press ENTER
    2.) type attrib * -h -s /S /D

    There you have it!!!

    It will work just as that…

    But if you have hidden files due to viruses.. Please do clean your computers first… OK??

    What I can recommend… McAfee Anti-virus is amazing!!! hehehe… And don’t forget to get the latest one…


    From PHILIPPINES with love!!!


  73. Yasir said,

    Thank you so much man for posting this solution. i really was in a bit of a trouble with this issue but you helped a lot. thanks again for the help

  74. Saroare said,

    Thanx, Its works Successfully.

  75. ^_^ said,

    hey, thanks a lot!!! its help me!!!

    to stop the virus all malware may be you guys can take a lot on this website and download the toolkit, it is free and very helpful

  76. sandamal said,

    THANKS BRO>Keep Going !!!!

  77. Nikhil said,

    Thank you sooo muchh!

  78. trombine said,

    didn’t work out!
    actually i don’t have this RZ type of the ChechedValue,
    it’s DWORG on my PC, i’ve deleted it, created one with data=1 as u said, but i couldnt find the SHOW HIDDEN FILES at all in the folder option, then i created the same file i deleted with data=0 …i got the SHOW HIDDEN FILES button but still i cant see my hidden files.

  79. Imran said,

    Thank you so much friend..It realy works..Your are gr8..

  80. Imran said,

    If anybdy have still prblm then plz dnt hesitate to call me on 9890985880..[send me sms b4 cal wid ur name and details of prblm]

  81. SomGuy said,

    FINALLY!! sumthing that works, like if you were a guy I would kiss you, but if you are a girl…[ like oh baby bayby ]

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  83. Mike Baross said,

    Great solutions. You are the best..Thanks a lot.

  84. Madhu said,

    @ Saad
    Which anti-virus do u have?

  85. chooku said,

    thanks it helped… yuppy i’m so happy

  86. Rejish said,

    Thanks a lot.

  87. Rameez said,

    Hey nice to see mines hidden file b coz u thanks a lot

  88. Alexius Wee said,

    What a trick. just a simple steps can kill the virus function. Great work.

  89. Behnam said,

    Thank you. I wonder when microsoft is planning to provide a repair software to do these jobs.

  90. Shiyas said,

    if nothing works,then try this
    goto Command Prompt using Run command,then type the following command
    attrib -h c:\test\*.* /d /s
    this will unhide all the folders and files

  91. Ameen said,

    simple steps ,, good job .

  92. ciger said,

    THX A LOT cigerim

  93. Habib said,

    em8tqm.cmd is a avirus in my computer which didn’t show my hideen files…

  94. AJAY said,

    Thanks sir
    for your nice solution

    good job ………………………………………………….

  95. Asfur said,

    Thanks a lot!…
    It works!…

  96. Abhi said,

    Thanks buddy 4 ur core solution

  97. joan said,

    Whew! i thot i was going to go crazy with the problem with my computer…

    i am now currently cleaning up my pc..whew!

    thanks alot man!

  98. Joshi Hilary said,

    Woh nice thing! bt mine was a lil different i didnt hav to change it to Reg_Dword just had to change the value of ‘0’ to ‘1’ :D…. but it did really work…btw how do i know if the virus is gone?

  99. Aneesh said,

    Thanks for the information
    This is your 100th comment for this post

  100. Abrar said,

    thankesssssssssssss for you

  101. Aaron said,

    I tried all suggestions the only one that seems to do something is attrib * -h -s /S /D but after pressing enter the prompt just goes to a blank line and sets there. I have been working for 3 days now to fix this issue and clean my comp up. Thanks in advance for the help…

  102. Aaron said,

    I got this message

    Unable to change attribute -C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron Stewart\desktop\CA49EZCT

    I then changed to C:\ and typed dir/ah and got 48 Files and 5 Directories. I then did what is pasted below –
    C:\>attrib * -h -s /S /D
    Unable to change attribute – C:\autorun.inf\lpt3.This folder was created by Flas
    Unable to change attribute – C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron Stewart\desktop\CA4
    Access denied – C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe

    The list goes on and on for Access Denied all reference Adobe.

  103. surendra maharjan said,

    hey whoever has given this idea is a great person… it really worked…. its awesome….
    thanx anyways….

  104. Prasanth.S said,

    Sir Mysystem Hidden Files Not Showing. Virus Pblm Plz Solve sir

  105. Omi Azad said,

    Thanks for the instruction. It helped a lot.

  106. Rehan said,

    Thank you very much. It helped me a lot. The virus was removed and this solution solved my problem. If my brother had known about the virus he would have formatted the hard disk

  107. mame said,

    cool trick, it works


  108. Trilok said,

    Thanks a lot sir!! This trick was really very helpful.

  109. yahooamar said,

    thank you…….so much…… works really good……

  110. Avelino said,

    Even after doing dat it still shows da virus what should i do???

  111. javad said,

  112. prakash said,

    that’s reallly work tnxs frnd …fr u r soluction

  113. Sanjay said,

    Thanks a lot! Cool Solution…. Any idea how to remove the virus manually?

  114. Jagjit said,

    Yes it works

  115. Denny said,

    Try this
    Click on Start menu, then click Run (or Windows key + R).
    Type cmd, a command prompt window (DOS) will open.
    Type regsvr32 /i browseui.dll then press the Enter key, wait for a confirmation window.
    Type regsvr32 /i shell32.dll then press the Enter key, wait for a confirmation window.
    Close the command prompt.

  116. JAYESH said,

    thanks it really work

  117. jo said,

    Thanks for this, helps my problem because of virus!!!

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    thank u….tanx a lot….!!
    nice duty…..!.!.!.!

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  120. malay said,

    very very thanx…

  121. Anup said,

    My “Checkedvalue” type in “SHOWALL” was REG_DWORD itself & data value was 0, but still I had the problem. As u told, I just deleted the checkedvalue & created a new checkedvalue with data value 1 and the hidden files are finally accessible now.
    Thanks a LOT!

  122. Daniel Paul said,

    Nice Tweak. Thanks

  123. Imran Javed said,

    Thanks, it does works… πŸ™‚

  124. gary said,

    thanks man it really works!

  125. Venkat said,

    HI guys,

    I did all the things explained above. But that didn’t worked for me. If I change the D_WORD Key to 1, it is again changing back to 0.

    I am ready to format my pc. If I format can i get my hidden files? or I need to do anything else to get hidden files?

    Please help me to get my valuable files……..


  126. Mirza Asad Baig said,


    Thank You Sir

  127. Balraj said,

    Thanks, its really working.

  128. Sunil Gotla said,

    I tried to perform the steps in a sequence. When I did the following task, it is throwing an error message stating that the DWORD with the name CheckedValue already exist.

    What should I do…

    Create a new DWORD value called CheckedValue by right clicking in the Right pane and then selecting new -> DWORD Value and then changing the name to CheckedValue. (same as above, except that the type is REG_DWORD). Modify the value data to 1 (0Γ—00000001) by right clicking the CheckedValue in the Right pane and

  129. Maryam said,

    Thanks, It’s realy useful.

  130. ferdiidref said,


  131. Daniel said,

    I keep getting this, and Malwarebytes gets rid of it. But why do I keep getting the virus back? My problems started when I downloaded and started to use the browser Google Chrome. I am going to sop using it and see. But does this ring any bells with anybody else?

  132. Syed Asif said,

    Thank you dear. this really work. I m happy to get my folder back

  133. zaheer said,

    Thanks a lot dea, its really works… Thanks thanks thanks

  134. Farooq said,

    i update my nod 32 antivirus but still unable to remove that virus which not allowed me to change the value of CheckedValue……how can i remove the virus easily…..

  135. Ton said,

    your idea works man………. thank a lot……… cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if i see you in person i’ll be requesting for your authograph………

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    dude thx man ^^ U realli do helps me out =D
    Gud joB =)

  137. Daniel said,

    Hvala puno,zaista radi…mislim da ce ovo mnogima pomoci zato sto je “autoruner” jedan od najrasprostranjenijih virusa….this is only for Serbian

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    cool trick

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    Glad to u forever

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    it helps a lot!

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    not works

  145. RubeNs said,

    Thanks a lot buddy!!

    Your tip is amazing!! My problem is solved!! This really works!!

  146. Aditya said,

    is it the same for an external hard drive

  147. Ajay said,

    in my PC hidden folders are not showing because of virus previously i am using mcafee anti virus & i am updating weeekly by dat but from last week i am not able to download that dat file below is the URL whre i am downloading( pls anyone suggest me any free antivirus which is best ( i dont have net coonection on my PC & MY PC running on windows XP

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    It s superb.. working fine….

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    Cool advice! it worked!

  152. Abhishek saxena said, worked…to all, if the “CheckedValue” is not of type “REG_SZ”, just go ahead and change the value to “1”, by doing right click and modify
    It wasn’t “REG_SZ” in my case, it was “REG_DWORD”, and I was afraid to change it, it still worked.. πŸ™‚

  153. anitha1234 said,

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    onces again thanks a lot……….

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  159. sarah said,

    hi, a simpler way, is going to windows help- searching hidden files, it will send you to folder settings- advanced settings- and click show hidden files!

  160. mohamed.hegazy said,

    very thanks

  161. micah B said,

    this seemed to help but when i ran attrib -h -s c:*.* /s /d
    it gave me everyone of my files with a access denied next to it:(

  162. Randolph said,

    For those who have the same issue on their USB. I recommend ShowUSB. A tiny program yet effective tool to show hidden files caused by a virus.

    Here’s the link:

  163. virgo King said,

    hey thx 4 da heLp πŸ˜›

  164. Chago said,

    Is not working, i have aproblem with Xp, Vista and 7 O.S. Hidden.exe just fix the Folders on programs Files, but when you click in All Program and select one folder displayed empty.
    we need to find a solution.

  165. rezaun said,

    not find out my hidden files..:(


  166. tori said,

    omg thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo friggin muchhhhh– i owe you 200 dollars

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    Thank you so much! It worked for me!

  170. Rahul hajari said,

    thx buddy
    thx u very much it’s realy realy 1000000000 % working thx yar
    now i can aacess my all hidden file thx agin

  171. kieran said,

    I went through the steps and it didn’t solve my problem. I have a external hard drive that I can’t see the files for. It shows in my computer as 900 gig full. Is there anything else I can do?

  172. Guardian said,

    Thanks very much!!!!

  173. phil said,

    it actually work……in my case, the my checkvalue is in DWORD type not in SZ and with a value of 0……i just change the value to one and works!!! tnx dude

  174. Aiko Matsunaga said,

    I know this thread is old, but… anyway, I tried doing the above solution as I was hit with a virus too. But, this solution doesn’t work for me as my value is correct at 1, and I was able to show other hidden folders.

    In one particular directory for a program in my C:/ drive, none of my folders and files are showing AT ALL! Even though when I right-click it is says there is 9.80 GB of stuff there… also, when I tell the folder to go “hidden” and its’ subfolders and files, I can see it going through all the files… even though I cannot see them at all and the folders are showing up empty. Please help! Even the program is not registering the files.

  175. Aiko Matsunaga said,

    Oh, now the program is reading the files! They just don’t show up in the normal directory. Oh well. thank you anyway heehee.

  176. Web Hosting Pakistan said,

    thanks for the information I got solved my hidden folder problem by regedit


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