Time’s Up: Internet Explorer 7 Coming This Month – oct 2006

October 25, 2006 at 4:53 am (IE, Web Design)

Microsoft has announced that the final version of the browser will be released before the end of this month—that’s less than two weeks away, people!

In the weeks following this initial release, Microsoft will deploy the browser to all Windows XP users via Automatic Updates. Although the installation of IE7 will not be forced as it was for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (users will be able to postpone or cancel the update if they so desire), a message will appear recommending that users proceed with the installation, which most of them undoubtedly will.

Chris Wilson, group Program Manager of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft, spoke at the Fundamentos Web 2006 conference and implored the developers there to test their sites with IE7 and fix any issues that appeared. There are a number of people on the IE7 team that have put their jobs on the line by implementing the standards compliance fixes and CSS features that we have been demanding for years, in some cases breaking compatibility with sites that were designed for the browser’s previous nonstandard behaviour.

As the dominant browser, Internet Explorer has the potential to effectively break the Web if the sites that everyday users rely upon do not work correctly in this new version. Despite this, Microsoft has taken an enormous leap of faith by sacrificing compatibility in the name of standards compliance. It’s up to us as developers to ensure that this leap of faith pays off, so that we can continue to see improvements to standards compliance in future releases of Internet Explorer.

You’re not on your own, here. Microsoft has produced an impressive array of tools and documentation to help developers migrate their sites to IE7



  1. John Saunders said,

    No problem because I’m reading this on Mozilla and use Mozilla .
    Whats the fuss ? Mozilla reads ALL

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    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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    Great information, thanks for sharing.

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